Lefkada, its geographical location and natural beauty, the clear blue waters and the unique beaches in combination with the modern way of life of the inhabitants plus the traditional character of the area, compose the image of the island, which is undoubtedly one of the busiest tourist resorts of Greece and are visited by thousands of people every year.

The harmonious combination of mountain and sea, creates images of peace and beauty that alternate, in enchanting routes. The region shows a great increase in demand every year, as more and more interested people from both Greece and abroad, choose Lefkada for their permanent residence.
In our real estate office, you can describe to us how you have dreamed of the property you want to find in Lefkada and we will do everything to find it for you.
Our office provides comprehensive services for buying and selling real estate in Lefkada.
• Brokerage exclusivity
• Real Estate Appraisal - Management Tips
• Tips for locating the perfection or buildability of real estate
• Assistance or representation in public services in Municipalities or Communities for the issuance and collection of required documents by sellers and buyers.
• Information regarding real estate transfer taxes and other fees and expenses
• Legal services
• Notarial coverage
• Translation services for foreigners

Contact us and take advantage of our dating circle and our bargaining skills. Give us the pleasure to find you useful and you will find that a professional relationship can be human at the same time.