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Welcome to Lefkada, the only island in the Ionian Sea that is connected by road with the rest of Greece through a floating bridge of continuous flow and free passage. Lefkada has wonderful beaches of unparalleled beauty that are popular worldwide. The tour of the island starts from the city of Lefkada which is 385km from Athens, 420km from Thessaloniki and 18km from Aktio airport.

On the wind-protected east coast of Lefkada, the picturesque Akarnanika Mountains, the calm sea, the small hospitable beaches, the picturesque harbors, and the Princes' Islands, compose a landscape of exceptional beauty.

The western side of Lefkada seems to be surrendered to the endless blue sea of ​​the Ionian Sea and the open horizon. Here the underground sea currents and the open sea sand created endless white beaches along the entire west coast.